Misc : RNM Normal Map Combiner

A little Python/OpenGL app for combining tangent space normal maps together.

Uses the Reoriented Normal Map method described by Colin Barré-Brisebois and Stephen Hill.

RNM Example


MODO : Vertex Normal Toolkit

Allows Maya-style softening/hardening of edges to define smoothing splits.

Calculates area and/or angle or full weighted normals for selected meshes. Additional toggles to support edge smoothing (via my script) and smoothing groups, as well as calculating more accurate "true" vertex normals.

Has tools to take the offset from a relative morph map and apply it as vertex normals.

Interface for Vertex Normal Toolkit

Download (MODO 901) Download (MODO 701 & 801) Download (MODO 601)

MODO : Texel Density Toolkit

A script to pick/apply texel density to meshes.

Also includes a function to normalize texel density.

Interface for Texel Density Toolkit

Download (MODO 701 SP2+) Download (MODO 501, 601, & 701 SP0-SP1)

MODO : Split UVs

A script to split the UVs of the current selection.

Example of Split UVs command in action.

Download (MODO 601 SP2+)

Unity3D : xNormal Tangent Basis Calculator

A plugin for xNormal that lets you bake normal maps synced to with Unity3D's tangent basis, giving far better quality normal map results in Unity3D.


Unity3D : Pre-Integrated Skin Shader

A shader based on Eric Penner's method of calculating surface curvature to drive fake SSS effect.

Examples of skin shader

View Shader Code

Unity3D : Tri-Planar Terrain Shader

A shader and script package that lets you apply tri-planar texturing to Unity's terrain system. Supports diffuse, normal, specular and gloss textures.

Triplanar Shader in Action


Unity3D : Translucency Shader

A shader for Unity3D that fakes translucency, based on DICE's presentation.

Translucency Shader in Unity3D

View Shader Code

Unity3D : Team Fortress 2 Shader

A shader that replicates the toon ramp shader that Valve's Team Fortress 2 uses. With a toon ramp and rim lighting.

Team Fortress 2 Shader in Unity3D

View Shader Code

Unity3D : Anisotropic Highlight Shader

A shader that replicates the anisotropic highlights you find on surfaces like brushed metal and long hair.

Anisotropic Highlight Shader in Unity3D

View Shader Code

Unity3D : Swirling Smoke Trails

A use of Unity's LineDrawer component to create swirling smoke trails.

Read Tutorial

Unity3D : Dynamic Ambient Lighting Tutorial

A tutorial on how to use Unity's RenderToCubemap function and custom Surface Shader passes to dynamically generate ambient lighting for your main character in Unity.

Read Tutorial

Unity3D : Ragdoll/Jiggle Bones Tutorial

A tutorial on how to use ragdolled/jiggle bones on a skeletally animated mesh in Unity.

Jiggle Bones in Unity3D

Read Tutorial

MODO : Average Selected Vertex Normals

Gets the average normal of all selected vertices and applies that average value back onto the selected vertices.


MODO : Quick Align UVs

A script that will align the UV island(s) of 1 selected UV edge or any 2 selected UV verts with the nearest axis.

It's a companion for modo's default "Orient UVs" tool, which isn't always perfect, especially on organic shapes.

Example of Quick Align UVs functionality


MODO : Select Single Loop

A workaround for the default modo behaviour of selecting the loops of all currently selected edges, changing it so that it will only add the loop of the hovered over edge to the current selection.


MODO : SMD Export

An exporter for modo to SMD format (uncompiled mesh for Valve's Source engine). Currently smoothing is done via explicit vertex normals map or by split edge method.


Tutorial: Generating Normal Maps from Diffuse Textures

A brief mini-tut on why you should generate height maps for your textures rather than throw the diffuse into crazybump. Written in response to seeing the latter technique used more and more by new artists who think it's a valid way to get a good normal map.

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