Unity Baby Steps

It’s a few weeks on and I’ve gotten most of my planned game mechanics in and working (in some state or another) now. What remains is mostly polish (tighten controls, lots of particles and sounds) then onto building an interface and some actual levels to progress through.

First big progress is being able to shoot. Took me a good while to get it working properly, but it’s all good now… bar some Xbox360 pad trigger ball-ache. I’ve even got animation blending working so that Lou’s arm points in the correct direction.

The second biggest milestone is that I now have moonlight that shines into the level from above. It’s still kinda hacky but without a Pro liscence I’m a bit stuck as to how I’m supposed to fix it. When Lou’s in the moonlight, he has full access to his super-powers. Currently that’s just wall-sliding, wall-jumping and double-jumping.

You can now shoot out the platforms to let the moonlight shine through the hole. I’ve also added in some reinforced platforms, that’ll let light through but not anything else.

More soon. I’ll get a web-playable build up as soon as there’s something more to it than a testbed.

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Beginning Unity

So, I’ve started my blog that will document my forays into the Unity engine and the progress in the games I make in it.

These will mostly be about games created for my university course, BSc Game Design at Leeds Metropolitan University.  I’ve got two to create – a simple platformer for Games Prototyping, and a more complex full game for my Final Year Project. First up is Games Prototyping.

I’ve been at it for a couple of weeks now, still learning the basics. So far I’ve dabbled in character controlling, shaders and some physics triggers.

Shader-wise, I’ve ported over my 3-Layer Toon Shader from the Lou Garoux project – who will be the main character of the game. It’s been quite a challenge to get this working, trying to inject CGFX code into the Unity shader system in a way that I can access all the values I need access to, but after a few lunchtimes of trial-and-error and hacking apart other shaders, I finally figured it out.

With my physics triggers, I’ve got platforms that can be destroyed by falling objects. Later they’ll only be destroyable by Lou shooting at them with his trusty Hole Maker gun.

Character control has been my main focus so far, I’ve got my character in and partially animated. He can run, jump, double jump and (almost) wall jump – at the minute he just slides down walls more slowly than falling. In the end, Lou will only be able to perform the advanced actions (wall sliding, wall jumping and double jumping) whilst under the full glare of the moon above, which he’ll have to let shine into the areas he needs by making holes in the platforms above him. And, if I get far enough, by redirecting with mirrors into hard to reach places.

So, that’s where I’m at after 2 weeks of lunch times and a few evenings.

My next move with the game will be to get wall-jumping in and get him able to shoot things – which will require some more animations. I’ll also try and document things like the shader creation a little further.

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